Sunday, February 12, 2012

Work Jitsu

Hey guys, I hope everyone got a good week of training under their belts, whatever color it may be! I'm really hoping for some feedback/advice for today's subject - balancing your work life with your BJJ life.  Obviously, I'm not the only person that must balance work and BJJ so I would love to hear how you guys manage to keep BJJ in your lives when work get very busy.

I'm sure most of us would like nothing more than to train everyday and enjoy the BJJ lifestyle to the fullest.  Unfortunately, whether due to work, school or other commitments that usually isn't possible for the typical BJJ player.

I had been lucky enough for the past 6+ months or so to devote a large portion of my time to training and working out.  Naturally, my game improved leaps and bounds and I made some great progress this past year.  However, I recently started a new job that has me quite busy.  Due to my hours and commute, I am inevitably late to class, if I am even able to make it to begin with.  I only made it in once last week, a far cry from the 4-6 times a week I was able to make it to class in the past and I already could feel the consequences.  The sudden lack of BJJ threw me out of whack physically and especially mentally.  My energy levels dipped suddenly and I was upset that I couldn't be on the mats.  I am addicted to the BJJ and I was going through withdrawal.

I was particularly worried about my physical condition and BJJ game atrophying due to continued lack of training.  I put SO much hard work on and off the mats trying to improve my jiu-jitsu and likewise, Jojo and all of my training partners had put the same in me - I would hate to see that fade away due to neglect.  As some of my friends can attest, I was very discouraged about this possibility.

 I also missed the Dustin Denes seminar!

So, I started to think - how can I maintain a Brazilian jiu-jitsu lifestyle while balancing a busy work schedule?

One word came to mind: Sacrifice.

I would have to sacrifice other aspects of my time and life in order to keep this part of my life whole.  I refuse to let my game and conditioning wither away.  If this means I have to stay up late doing extra work from home, then so be it.  If it means getting an extra roll in to maximize my mat time even though I'm exhausted, I will.  If it means sacrificing some sleep to squeeze in a late night work out, I will.  If it means I have to skip out on some fun times with friends, sorry guys, but I have to.  BJJ is an essential component of my life and I must find a way to maintain it.

It won't be easy, and I'm certainly not the toughest most headstrong person out there, but I will try my best.  Granted, I understand that I have to keep my priorities in order and sacrifice BJJ time here and there as well.  But, I would like to continue my progression or, at the very least, tread water and maintain status quo until my schedule opens up and permits me to go full blast in training again.

Here's to a good week of training.  And again, I would really be interested in hearing how you balance your respective "real world" schedules with your training!



  1. Mike, wow you hit it on the head, it is a sacrifice. I've done it to the extreme, often not knowing if I didn't teach and just trained would I be bigger and better competition wise, or if I would of focused on business maybe be more successful financially.. I my own path I have come to realize especially in BJJ with my limited training,of once or twice a week I refuse not to leave it all on the mat! When you get that chance enjoy embrace it and know it's your time make the best of it.... You are a true student and like Jojo says don't over think, just do it, so when you get that time, and when you make that time to train just do it, like you always do, and like you would whether it's twice a week, or six days a week.
    Like you said it's your life style, and in your heart, so what ever you are doing where ever you are, you are training bjj...

    1. Thanks for posting this. "Sacrifice" is not a concept I take to easily, and this reminded me that sometimes we do have to determine our priorities and objectives, and must make a hard choice to let go of something that is holding us back.

  2. Thanks for reading! Fortunately, though other priorities may get in the way, BJJ will always be there.